Yarin was the southern tip of the Cenarian heartland a wealthy and heavily populated area. Before the Cenarian Empire it was the core of the Southern Saurian Empire and it’s dense jungles has many of their holiest and most important sites.
When The Change shattered most of the continent into The Remnants, much of Yarin stayed intact, even though the cities were destroyed by earthquakes. And when the Scouring began the mages of Yarin led by Archmage Ercilla kept them at bay. Nowdays Ercilla is by far the most common girls name in Yarin.

Yarin rebuilt rapidly after The Change, cities and town have been built on top of the ruins and the open parts of the island cleared for farming. The dense jungle-covered interior is populated by Saurians, and even they have rebuilt their ancient ruins.
The island of Yarin is the core of the Magocracy of Yarin, continuing the work of it’s founder the Archmage Ercilla.

After effects:
Like The Remnants Yarin is fairly free of strange magical effects. The weather can be extremely changeable however, with massive tropical storms, or unnaturally thick banks of fog rolling out of nowhere.
Of course the large number of mages and Saurian ruins means that Yarin is prone to ‘normal’ magical effects, weather control magic and summoned daemons being chief amongst them

Notable Locations:


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