Uru-Urk or Common Orcs are the dominant Orc culture in the North and South. They are the most common in the North, Orcs in general are relatively Uncommon in the South.

Physical Traits

Uru-Urk have normal Orc physical traits. Due to their light-blindness they usually prefer to be active in the evenings and often dwell partially underground.
Ritual scarification is common in their culture, being part of a right of passage into their warrior societies, as is tattooing.


In the North your people live in tribal societies scattered across the continent, in fortified, partially underground settlements. They are famous warriors and much of your culture is structured around the various rival warrior societies, these societies act as a common link binding the tribes together either during blood feuds. Of course not all of your people are warriors but warriors risk their lives for your people and deserve the most respect. Many of your people make their living as mercenaries, working for Humans in their wars.
In the South your people are rarer, but their lifestyle is the same. often working for Humans are raiders and privateers, when now engaging in freelance ‘work’.

Common Personality Traits: Argumentative, brave, bloodthirsty, impatient, independent
Common Physical Traits: Many scars, pointed teeth, tribal tattoos, lean ropey physique, blood-curdling roar
Example Names: Nazdreg, Gazghul, Krarug, Vashnak, Erudush, Ogrut, Tegdar, Durgar
Example Tribe Names: Black-Spear, Iron-Heart, Lightning-Claw, Night-Hammer, Swift-Eagle
Example Society Names: Black Slayers, Green Stalkers, Blue Hunters, Blood Seekers, White Riders
Native Languages: Svartalfar in the North, Cenarian in the South
Religion: The Star Gods


Uru-Urk have a normal Orc mindset


Orcs of Arthe are slightly different to base Fantasy Craft Orcs:
Type: Medium biped fey with a Reach of 1.
Attributes: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence
Base Speed: 30 ft.

  • Always Ready: You may always act during surprise rounds.
  • Enlightened Intimidate: Your maximum Intimidate rank increases to your Career Rank +5. Only the highest bonus from any single enlightened ability may apply to each skill.
  • Gruelling Combatant: Each time an adjacent opponent attacks you at misses, he suffers 2 points of subdual damage.
  • Light Sensitive: Each time you enter a more brightly lit area you suffer 20 points of flash damage.
  • Light Sleeper: Sleeping is never a terminal situation for you.
  • Restricted Actions: Calm, Decipher and Influence checks you make are considered untrained.
  • Sure Footed: Your encumbrance loads are increases by 50% and when you run your move multiplier is increased by 1 (typically to x5)


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