The Thunder Plains

Sweeping from The Cenarian Empire and The Elven Kingdoms to the great nations of The East, the Thunder Plains were named for the sound of the Painted Elves riding to war.

The Elven Kingdoms have been swallowed by The Sea of Sand, Ghen has become a coastline, but the Analfar live as they have since the dawn of time. The plains have become more arid, with dry air and sand swept from The Sea of Sand. But the biggest effect has been that even The Change had a sense of humour, now the Thunder Plains are constantly swept by electrical storms.

After effects:
Electrical storms sweep across the arid plains. People crossing the plains often find their belonings or even themselves wreathed in harmless balefire, while at night the sky is lit with ribbons of light. Electrical displays are not merely pretty however, during a storm lighting stabs down at the plains, while ball lightning dancing around, the greatest danger is that the low scrub and grass means that travellers are very likely to be hit. Those crossing the plains must take precautions, such as portable lightning rods, or being Painted Elves.
Finally the Change as spawned many strange creatures, mighty thunderbeasts, living storms, shockers, and even the Analfar’s prized gale steeds.

Notable Locations:

The Thunder Plains

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