The Remnants

Before the Change the whole of the South (as well as large chunks of the rest of the world) was united in the Cenarian Empire. Not only did the Change destroy the Empire, but it destroyed their homeland.
Massive earthquakes tore across the Empire, shattering cities and causing the majority of the land to sink beneath the waves.

The lands consist of hundreds of islands of varying sizes, while the relatively shallow sea floor is littered with the ruins of the old empire and drowned farmland.
The islands range from semi-tropical at the Northern end to tropical at the Southern, many are covered in jungles, sometimes with ancient Saurian ruins.
Most of The Remnants is the territory of The Cenarian Confederation

After effects:
Unlike much of Athe, The Remnants are fairly free of strange magical effects. The weather can be extremely changeable however, with massive tropical storms, or unnaturally thick banks of fog rolling out of nowhere.

Notable Locations:
Anone A free-city, famous for it’s lawlessness.

The Remnants

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