Humans are the dominant sentient species across much of Arthe, they are closely related to both Ogres and Goblins. Humans, Ogres and Goblins possess many physical and mental similarities and are able to cross-breed, although this is rare. Collectively the three species are referred to an humanoids, as opposed to elfoids (Elves and Orcs), Dwarves and Saurians

Physical Traits

Human physical features can be highly varied, but they all follow the same general type (unlike Saurians). Human males average around 5’10’’ tall(but can range as much as a foot taller or shorter), and weight around 170 lbs on average (again, widely variable). Human females are normally significantly shorter and lighter, averaging 5’5’ and 135 lbs.
Humans have brown skin but exhibit a range of skin tones, from pinkish white in the furthest North to near black in the furthest South. Eye and hair colour is even more varied; eyes can be various shades of brown, green or blue; while hair can be shades of brown, black, blonde, red or a blend. In addition hair will often turn grey or white as a human ages, while males can go bald. Like Dwarves Human males also possess facial hair.
Humans can live for nearly a century before dying of old age, although living so long is very rare.

Humans proved to be highly susceptible to the magical energy of The Change, exhibiting a wide variety of minor alterations, often referred to an talents. Occasionally a Changeling is born however, they are clearly divergent from the Human baseline and are often cast out or killed.


Humans are wildly variable but their short life-span compared to Dwarves and Saurians makes them seem ambitious and excitable to the elder species. Human Cultures can be greatly different from one another.

Splinter Races

Despite of, or perhaps because of their extensive low-level variation their are only two Human splinter races and both are too rare to have developed their own unique cultures.

Changelings, occasionally other wise normal human parents with give birth to a Changeling. these unfortunates are physically altered by the energies unleashed by The Change, granting them elemental power but cutting them off from Human society.

Hellspawn, often created through blasphemous rites, a Hellspawn is mostly human but touched by a creature from the god-realms. Unlike a Changeling their powers often do not physically mark them as different, but they sometimes do.


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