Human Cultures

Humans have a variety of unique cultures spread across Athe.

Southern Cultures

Before The Change the South was unified under the Cenarian Empire. As such the people of the South share a common language, religion and many traditions. This means that the Humans of the South can be divided into three main groups:

Cenarian Confederation
You are from The Cenarian Confederation, a loose alliance of city states formed for mutual protection against the Magocracy. In reality there is no confederation culture, other than the shared remnants of the fallen Cenarian Empire. Each city state is fiercely independent and people refer to themselves as coming from their city, rather than the confederation as a whole. The member cities exhibit a wide variety of governments, ranging from monarchies, to republics, to theocracies and vary equally widely in culture. There are 18 major free cities in the confederation and numerous smaller states who jostle and curry favour with the free cities. The confederation is founded on sea trade between the various islands, the East (through Ghen) and the North (due to a monopoly on trade with the Cinder Dwarves).
Common Personality Traits: Independent, out-spoken, adventurous, fractious, passionate
Common Physical Traits: Olive or brown skin colour, dark eyes, dark hair
Example Male Names: Elias, Cato, Lerio, Gosti, Augusto, Calgero, Bindo, Edmondo
Example Female Names: Michela, Encarna, Gessica, Felipa, Leocadia, Andanna, Seda
Example Family Names: Caruso, D’onofrio, Accorsi, Laconi, Amadei
Native Languages: Cenarian
Religion: The Divine Pantheon

The Yarin Magocracy
You are a citizen of the Magocracy. The Archmage Ercilla used her magic to protect your people during the Change and help the rebuilding afterwards, in time she became the first Arch-Magister and head of the Senate. As a citizen you are entitled to vote for the Councilor to represent your district in the Council, and even if a mage vote to elect a Magister to the Senate. Yarin itself is an extremely large island to the south of the confederation, but your people have dominion of a large number of smaller islands. Unfortunately the stubbornness of the Confederation and the Ghenese have slowed your peoples attempts to reunite the South.
Common Personality Traits: Cultured, educated, arrogant, self-rightous, reliant on magic
Common Physical Traits: Brown or black skin, dark eyes, dark hair, flowing robes
Example Male Names: Adan, Liborio, Roberto, Augustis, Nicolo, Ciatte, Casto, Orazio
Example Female Names: Ercilla, Leandra, Roberta, Teresa, Telma, Mella, Aviambra, Natalia
Example Family Names: Sartini, Basurto, Nervi, Amerighi, Tiraboschi
Native Languages: Cenarian
Religion: The Divine Pantheon

You are Ghenese, your people were only loosely part of the Cenarian Empire before The Change and dwell all across The Thunder Plains. The powerful trade cities sit along the coast and trade with Confederation and Yarin, supplied with food by surrounding farms and Hemas herdsmen from the plains. The trade lords rule Ghen in all but name, your nobility being mainly figureheads for the companies who bankroll them. Ghen has great contrast in wealth, with many begging in the streets or working for barely enough to survive, while the trade companies amass vast profits from their control of trade between the South and East.
Common Personality Traits: Honourable, poetic, cunning, enterprising, ruthless
Common Physical Traits: Olive skin tones, brown or black hair, dark eyes, colourful clothing, immaculate appearance
Example Male First Names: Jibril, Mata, Sharif, Taimur, Zubair, Aran, Farid, Waqar
Example Female First Names: Aisha, Layla, Mina, Rana, Shayla, Kara, Nalu, Yusra
Example Titles: The Magnificent, the Wise, of Sura, of Abyam, the Merchant, the Swordsman
Example Male Family Names: Ibn Jibril, Ibn Mata, Ibn Sharif, Ibn Taimur, Ibn Zubair
Example Female Family Names: Bint Jibril, Bint Mata, Bint Sharif, Bint Taimur, Bint Zubair
Native Languages: Cenarian
Religion: The Divine Pantheon

Northern Cultures

The North was both less advanced and more diverse than the South before The Change, now it forms 7 major distinct Cultures. With many individual languages and customs.

You’re a Vasun, one of the nomadic tribes people of The Howling Waste. Your legends say that before The Change the area you dwell in one one the heart of a thriving kingdom, and its ruins still dot the land. You dwell in one the harshest environments in the world and you pride yourself on your resilience and bloody minded determination. But no individual could survive the waste, your people only prosper because of their close bonds and ability to work together. Your people hunt and gather from the Waste and raid other tribes (both Human and Orc) while trading with allied tribes, Stone Dwarves and the city dwellers in Salvation.
Common Personality Traits: Self reliant, brave, loyal, honourable, pragmatic
Common Physical Traits: Heavily tanned skin, light hair, honour scars on face, long robes, scarves over face
Example Given Names: Strongspear, Clearskies, Snakechaser, Lightstep, Bloodwind, Breezerunner
Example Tribe Names: Sahin, Veahun, Jukin, Gestren, Lokun
Native Languages: Aoswin
Religion: The Divine Pantheon

You are one of the people of Salvation, the city in The Howling Waste. Your city was founded shortly after The Change, when some survivors found a lake sitting in the centre of a massive crater. In the centuries since then Salvation has become an important point for trade between the Stone Dwarves, Vasun tribes and the people of the West. You belong to the most cosmopolitan of Northern cultures, on the streets of Salvation you often meet people of other species and the city often receives immigrants from other Human cultures. Not that life in the city is easy, it is often attacked by creatures from the Wastes and the farms are raided by human and Orc nomads, the city itself has been sacked several times since its founding.
Common Personality Traits: Cultured, worldly, law abiding, pragmatic, determined
Common Physical Traits: A mix of traits from other cultures.
Example Names: Drawn from other cultures.
Native Languages: Aoswin
Religion: The Divine Pantheon

You’re one of the Nurjn, the Northmen, your people dwell in the cold Northern parts of the continent. Your people are disunited, a large number of feuding clans and constantly shifting alliances. Since the Change your people have been unified under a king 3 separate times, but it has never outlasted the life of the king. The Nurjn are a hardy and rugged people with strong clan ties and you have a strong belief in fate. It is this fatalism that drives you to live every moment like your last, feasts and festivals are common in the North. While your people spend most of their energy fighting each other, they are not above raiding weak Southerners or even mercenary work given the opportunity, wandering Nurjn warriors are a common sight on battlefields across the continent.
Common Personality Traits: Adventurous, brave, warlike, fatalistic, loyal
Common Physical Traits: Pale skin, red or blonde hair, blue or green eyes, Long hair/beard, scars
Example Male Names: Karl, Ask, Njoror, Garth, Vester, Haral, Aborjn, Myr, Styrfast
Example Female Names: Else, Vigdis, Lilja, Brynja, Dagmar, Melitta, Arnve, Haldis, Runa
Native Languages: Nurjn Tal
Religion: The Divine Pantheon

You’re Densk, your people live in the centre of the continent, in an area called the Broken Highlands. Before the Change this was the Western edge of the continent. The Change shattered the land destroying towns and castles, now warlords rule from the half repaired ruins of several century old castles. Your people have split into dozens of small kingdoms and many more petty domains ruled by strength of arms. Freemen own land by strength of arms while thralls farm, serve and fight in millitas. Your people have become superstitious and ignorant, after generations of wars, all thralls do is keep their heads down and get on with their life no matter who their current lord is.
Common Personality Traits: Suspicious, ill-educated, warlike, intolerant, fearful of magic
Common Physical Traits: Tanned skin, variable hair and eye colour, thrall tattoos
Example Male Names: Tobias, Rasmus, Gernot, Oluf, Tore, Frej, Helmfrid, Balda, Sige
Example Female Names: Gudrun, Iris, Runa, Ursel, Mikaela, Lisa, Alfyrd, Burga, Gera
Native Languages: Densk Tol
Religion: The Divine Pantheon

You are one of the Yeshti, a tribal culture from the Charred Steppes. Your people are strongly shaped by your environment, building villages in stable areas, but always ready to move if it begins raining fire, or worse. Despite the rains of fire, tar pits and underground fires, your homeland is fertile and food is abundant for those who understand its dangers. Your people have long struggled against Cinder Dwarf slavers, thankfully your Asura leaders and tribal shamans can counter their magic with their own. Your people have gained a reputation as fearless warriors because of your determined resistance and famous beast-fighters who scorn armour and weapons in battle.
Common Personality Traits: Fearless, barbaric, open, determined, independent
Common Physical Traits: Bronzed skin, black or red hair, dark eyes, tribal tattoos and piercings, kukri
Example Male Names: Shasoti, Wahune, Hunkate, Trasuji, Shotati, Khatuni, Whaunji, Shukate
Example Female Names: Trajino, Krahunu, Sudaho, Rushatu, Rakanto, Trutajo, Rasutu, Wunjoto
Native Languages: Yeshti-An
Religion: Ancestor worship and The Divine Pantheon

You’re Shar’ii, after The Change your ancestors came to settle the Tempest Coast, after they had been lifted out of the sea. Your land is a mix of scrub plains and swamp, all covered in constant rain as the sea tries to reclaim the land. Unlike the Fhalsi your people have managed to avoid the domination of the Forbidden Ones, only giving them lip service and the occasional sacrifice, except when their Sea Elf servants are watching. Your people have done this by staying away from the sea, you fish the swamps and rivers and farm where you can, and build nothing within sight of the coast. Each town and village is independent, led by a headman and a council. Your people have gained a reputation as cowards, but the Forbidden Ones sometimes demand sacrifices.
Common Personality Traits: Quiet, insular, reserved, crude, clannish
Common Physical Traits: Tanned skin, brown or black hair, slightly large eyes, balding
Example Male Names: M’thus, Othma, Rishard, Solmann, Fra’s, Mas, Esald, Fa’ban
Example Female Names: Liess, Saesilla, G’sela, Sele, Gissa, M’sela, Alena, Wanessa
Example Family Names: Diethiss, M’yer, Khaler, Serwar, Messna
Native Languages: Lissha’ki
Religion: Forbidden Ones and The Divine Pantheon

You’re Falsi, the most advanced and cultured human society that you know of. Your ancestors either came to serve the Forbidden Ones after The Change, or you’re an aristocrat who can trace descent to the rulers of this land when it was just scattered islands. Your people live in mighty cites on the coast, each an independent state ruled by a Mouth, the chosen representative of your aquatic gods. You are served by slaves from less civilised races and as a freeman may own land and have probably attended the famous gladiatorial arenas. Crimes against the Forbidden Ones result in Sea Elves dragging the offender off into the ocean, one of the most severe of such crimes is being an unlicensed mage. Some of your people leave the coast, often to seek a life in a less oppressive climate, but this means living amongst the barbarians that the rest of humanity has become.
Common Personality Traits: Arrogant, cultured, decadent, educated, cruel
Common Physical Traits: Pale skin, brown or blonde hair, blue or green slightly large eyes, fine clothes
Example Male Names: Sebas’ian, Seffen, Larus, Marswin, Lus, Nikolus, See, Karl
Example Female Names: Svana, Swan’ilde, Ursel, Ilsa, Sara, Sarin, Linsi, C’lene
Example Family Names: Wolss, Kasser, Auw, Baaks, Hass
Native Languages: Lissha’ki
Religion: Forbidden Ones

Human Cultures

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