Splinter Race Feats: Demonic Heritage; Demonic Legacy

By far the rarest of the two Human splinter races. Hellspawn result from the mingling of human and Outsider bloodlines, since The Change it has become much harder for beings from the god-realms to enter Athe, causing Hellspawn to become more rare.
They are most commonly born through magic, infertile women carrying out ancient rituals, dread sorcerers experimenting with life or strange cults attempting to summon forth a messiah. It is however possible for a Hellspawn to spontaneously arise from a taint in an otherwise normal bloodline.

Physical Traits

Cursed children often appear completely normal until puberty, perhaps with an unusual hair or eye colour. During puberty their demonic heritage begins usually to manifest, Hellspawn will grow sharp claws or horn, but the precise appearance of these features varies between individuals. Their skin, hair and eye colour can change, often to an unnatural colour. Some even have tails or wings.
They tend to be quick and agile, both physically,mentally and socially. In addition they are resistant to injury from elemental effects, commonly fire or acid.


Hellspawn are far too rare to have a culture of their own, they instead cling to the fringes of a Human Culture


The Cursed are ostracised and hated by most people, often targets for scapegoating and angry mobs. This tends to engineer a feeling of bitterness and fear towards ‘normal’ humans, often mixed with superiority. They are naturally highly intelligent and possess an innate skill at deception and stealth, useful abilities when forced to live on the margins of civilised society.


A Hellspawn is a Human with the Demonic Heritage feat. This makes them slightly quicker or more intelligent, grants resistance to fire or acid and either claws or sharp horns to use in combat. They also gain a new option with the Skill Mastery feat chain and are Reviled by most right thinking people.

If they later acquire the Demonic Legacy feat they become an immortal Outsider, improve their agility or intelligence further and gain increases resistance to fire/acid and electricity. Finally they may grow a pair of wings.


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