Ghen and the people of Ghen were part of the Cenarian Empire before the Change. The semi-arid plains of Ghen were the gateway to the markets of the East.

After the rest of the Empire fell into the sea the lands of Ghen suddenly became a coastline, while the storms sweeping in from the sea made brought much needed water. Ghen is inhabited by two distinct cultures the powerful city dwelling Ghenese and the nomadic Hemas Tribesmen.
The Ghenese Sultanates are the major power in Ghen, with the weaker Hemas moving between Ghen and The Thunder Plains in order to avoid oppression.

After effects:
Storms sweep across Ghen from both sides, sudden tropical storms from The Remnants and electrical storms from The Thunder Plains. The Northern tip of Ghen reaches The Black Mountains, but the dangers of the volcanoes ensure that it’s sparsely populated.
The Sultanates are alert for danger coming from out The Thunder Plains, whether hordes of Painted Elves, angered Hemas, or terrible monsters such as thunderbeasts or living storms.

Notable Locations:


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