Dragon's Spit

The area now known as Dragon’s Spit used to be the Northern edge of the Cenarian Empire. A fertile land with easy trade routes to the Dwarvern holds in The Black Mountains, and access to the Northern Kingdoms across the Inland Sea.

The rest of the Old Empire was shattered by earthquakes and sunk under the sea, leaving only The Remnants, meanwhile the Inland Sea dried up and the Black Mountains erupted and expanded to the East in a series of massive earthquakes and eruptions. Little is left of the Old Empire in the modern Dragon’s Spit.
Dragon’s Spit is a thin band of extremely fertile land, but under constant threat of volcanic eruptions from the Black Mountains, despite the Inland Sea vanishing it still serves as a vital link between North and South via trade with the Cinder Dwarves.
Dragon’s Spit is territory of The Cenarian Confederation.

After effects:
The weather can be very changeable with thick mists or storms blowing up from The Remnants, while volcanism from The Black Mountains threatens rivers of lava, choking clouds of ash, mud slides and earthquakes.
Monsters from the mountains sometimes come down into the Spit as well, but most are unable to survive for long away from their preferred habitat.

Notable Locations:

Dragon's Spit

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