Black Banners

Splinter Race Feat: Outcaste

Black Banners are mercenaries, exiled from their clans in the East. they received their name from their plain black clothing and banners, lacking any tribe or society insignia.

Physical Traits

Physically a Black Banner is indistinguishable from a normal Orc. But they tend to dress in the fashions of their far off homeland, carry exotic weapons and behave in a a manner quite different to other Orcs in the South.


You were a member of one of the great warrior clans, potentially tracing a lineage of victories back to the Saurian War. Now you are an exile with no tribe, in a strange land. You are no longer constrained by an ancient warrior code, you may accept money for your services, loot the dead, serve any master you wish and behave intemperately. The land you now travel in in confusing, people have no sense of their correct place, merchants rule and warriors fight for coin. But this disorder offers opportunities you could have never realised among your traditional people in your ancestral homeland.

Common Personality Traits: Brave, honourable, impatient, independent, stoic
Common Physical Traits: Pointed teeth, lean ropey physique, blood-curdling roar, strange clothes, exotic weapons
Example Names: Nazdreg, Gazghul, Krarug, Vashnak, Erudush, Ogrut, Tegdar, Durgar
Native Languages: Svartalfar
Religion: The Star Gods


In many ways a Black banner is a normal Orc, but their viewpoint is filtered through the lens of a very different culture to the mercantile South. For most of them, even as exiles, their personal honour is all important, the idea of breaking their word or accepting a bribe is anathema.


A Black Banner is an Uru-Urk character with the Outcaste feat. Taking this feat grants the character several extra languages and proficiencies that they have picked up on their travels.

Black Banners

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