The Free City of Anone, member state of The Cenarian Confederation
Population: approximately 7,500
Demographics: Humans: 45%; Dwarves: 5%; Elves: 30%; Goblins: 10%; Orcs: 10%; Rather than living in the city itself most Saurians occupy their own settlement further inland.
Government: It is nominally ruled by Prince Vincete Aggio and a council formed of 5 nobles and 3 elected tribunes. But the real political power lies with with cities powerful merchants and mercenary companies.

Description: Anone has a reputation as a violent, lawless place and a haven for pirates. This is almost correct, but technically it is a haven for privateers, the city funds large numbers of privateers to raid it’s rivals. It has a large Elven population and a fairly sizeable number of Orc mercenaries also call the city home, giving the city a vibrant night-life.
The cities protection is the responsibility of two rival mercenary companies; The Blood Shields a mixed Orc and Human company that is responsible for policing most of the city; and Lucilla’s Besiegers an artillery company who police the Docks Quarter and operate the cities shore cannons. In addition to this Anone’s many privateers give it a powerful, if unruly, navy.

Anone is divided into four Quarters, each of which is split down into districts.
Sea Quarter: This Quarter consists of the docks and surrounding buildings.

  • The Docks: The docks are busy day and night, crowded with sailors, labourers and tax collectors. Major Buildings: Temple of Sunat Services: Shipbuilding, Nautical Supplies, Street vendors, Cheap goods, Brothels, Numerous Taverns, Flophouses, Tattooists.
  • Fisher’s Wharf: This busy district stinks of fish and poverty, but is vital for the cities survival. Major Buildings: Shrine to Kranak Services: Fishmongers, Fishing supplies, Shipbuilding, Cheap goods, Taverns.
  • Warehouse District: This poor district is dominated to the huge warehouses that give it it’s name. Services: Cheap goods, Run-down taverns, Muscle for hire.
  • Steel District: This district has the quarters for the Blood Shields and the Besiegers. Major Buildings: Temple of Thax Services: Inns, Taverns, Flophouses, Weaponsmiths, Armourers, Taxidermists, Alchemists, Street vendors, Gambling halls.

Elven Quarter: This large and densely populated Quarter contains many of the cities Elven and Orc citizens. Due to their nocturnal natures it is a vibrant and exciting place at night.

  • Moonlight District: The heart of Anone’s nightlife, this district is brightly lit and crowded with revellers at night. Major Buildings: Temple of Vania Services: Inns, Taverns, Brothels, Assassins, Fencing instructors, Mercenaries, Adventurers, Restaurants, Street vendors, Swordsmiths.
  • Shadow District: This area is totally residential, full of apartments.
  • Theatre District: Sited between the Moonlight and Shadow districts, this district contains no less than four theatres and it’s streets are often choked with performers and vendors, it’s also the location of the best sword-smiths in Anone. Major Buildings: Theatres, Temple of Eldris Services: Inns, Taverns, Performers, Swordsmiths, Apothecaries.
  • Shopping District: Busy day and night, the twisting warrens of this district are full of shops, selling almost anything imaginable. Major Buildings: Temple of Ess Services: Shops, Moneylenders, Thief-catchers, Tattooists.

Merchant’s Quarter: The richest (and cleanest) Quarter of the city, full of wealthy homes.

  • The Prince’s Hill: On a hill at the edge of the city and covered with carefully manicured parks and the expansive estates of Anone’s most wealthy and influential.
  • Low Hill: Circling around The Prince’s Hill are the houses of the not quite as influential and wealthy. Major Buildings: Temple of Gend.
  • Golden Halls: This spacious and well-guarded district contains the cities most best, and most expensive shops. Services: High class inns, High class taverns and clubs, Alchemists, Art dealers, Jewellers, Scroll makers, Mages for hire, Fancy shops.
  • Park View: The true centre of the cities power, here are the merchant houses, insurance brokers and money lenders that finance the city. Major Buildings: Merchant Houses, Insurers Services: Money lenders, Private clubs, Mapmakers, Specialist shops.

The Fragrant Quarter: The poorest section of the city and one of the smelliest, thanks to the tanneries.

  • Aarth Way Named for the imposing temple that looms over much of the surrounding slums. This is the best district in the Quarter, but still overcrowded and smelly. Major Buildings: Temple of Aarth Services: Cheap food and lodging, dyers, brickmakers, labourers.
  • Goblin District: Almost a shantytown, this district is full of rickety buildings and animals. Major Buildings: Tribal Hall, Shrine to Haral Services: Hostels, Street vendors, Trinkets, Animals, Cheesemakers, Interpreters.
  • Tanners District: No one who could afford to would willingly live in this area. Major Buildings: Shrine to Vannius Services: Tanners, Charcoal Burners, Cheap taverns.
  • Winding Ways: A warren of tightly packed tenements

Outside: Beyind the city proper is a Temple of Janath on a clifftop, overlooking the city. Also in the jungles of the islands interior is a large Saurian ruin, still populated by most of the areas Saurians.

Zahira el Amun, an apartment over a chandlery.
Rizaleth, a room in the Temple of Janath.

Major NPCs:
Captain Lino, A notorious drunk who sails from Anone aboard his ship The Moribund Eel.
High Priestess Loredana, The head of the Temple of Janath.


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