World Of Athe


The world of Athe is shaped by the events of just over five hundred years ago, when an immortal now known as The Destroyer attempted to commit suicide by destroying the entire world. This is now called the Change, although it actually took place in two parts the Change itself and the Scouring.

The Change

During the Change massive magical forces were unleashed on the world, shattering whole continents and permanently warping the landscape. Lingering after effects of this lead to strange and magical weather patterns are bizzare areas such as The Boiling Sea and the constant lightning storms in The Thunder Plains.
In addition to it’s affects on the landscape it warped an mutated animals and people, creating or summoning strange new monsters and allowing powerful elemental creatures such as dragons purchase in the world. The effects on sentient species led to mutation amongst Humans causing the despised Changelings, it also created many of the elementally aspected splinter races of other species such as Asura and Cinder Dwarves.

The Scouring

The Change devastated civilisation and warped the world, but it was the Scouring that people feared the most. In the wake of the massive release of magical energy, strange and terrible creatures appeared. Called entropy demons or flux terrors they came in many different types with widely varied powers and mindsets, but all are believed to be physical incarnations of entropy, dedicated to the total destruction of Arthe. Thankfully when the effects of the Change began to die down they became far less common, now flux terrors are extremely rare. The Eyeless Legion and The Watcher In The Dark are just boogeymen to scare children.

Present Day

Over five hundred years later the people of Arthe are trying to rebuild their civilisations, looting ancient ruins and trying to master the strange new magical forces in the world.

World Of Athe

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