Saurians are an ancient reptilian race, whose empire was brought down millenia ago by the rise of the Humans and Elves. In the current day they are living in The South, where they long ago allied with the proto-Cenarian tribes, trading science and magic for protection.

Physical Traits

Saurians have huge morphological variety, with numerous highly distinct splinter races. In general Saurians are scaled and significantly shorter and lighter than humans, standing about five feet tall and weighing only 100 lbs. on average. Most Saurian splinter races have long, powerful tails and large yellow eyes.
Depending on their specific breed a Saurian could be crested, capable of spiting venom, covered in heavy bone plates, winged or any of a number of other diverse features.
Saurians are extremely long-lived, with lifespans exceeding 300 years, but rarely living longer than 400.


Saurians are highly intelligent and heirs to an ancient civilisation. Their ancient alliance with the humans still holds, even after the Cenarian Empire has fallen, they are common sights in the South and thoroughly integrated into human society. They have discovered that adaptation and flexibility are the paths to survival and are quick to change with the times, while safeguarding their ancient heritage.

Splinter Races

By default a Saurian character is assumed to be a Lacetil, these are the most lizard-like Saurians and are far more common that the other breeds. Their breed is also the most individually diverse.

Bakilis, are a very rare and reclusive Saurian breed. They the ability to kill with their gaze alone and often protect ancient Saurian temples and ruins.
Drakes, a new breed of Saurian, these Drakes are powerful and imperious, with armoured hides and a deadly breath weapon.
Effet, are soft-skinned amphibians who live alongside rivers, lakes and swamps. They have impressive regenerative abilities and many secrete a contact poison.
Kaimyn, heavily armoured aquatic Saurians. Kaimyn are big, imposing creatures, but clumsy on dry land.
Khamai, reclusive tree dweller from deep in the jungles. Kamai have colour changing skin and independently moving eyes on the sides of their heads.
Naja, very rare in The South, these ‘snake-men’ were the dominant Saurian breed in The East. Until their Orc slaves rebelled.
Pterradan, these flying Saurians claim to be the oldest Saurian breed.


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