The Schools of Magic

There are 5 major schools and 4 minor schools formed from a combination of major schools, the major schools are:
Aether: Aether is the element of magic itself. This school deals with pure magic effects, dreams, divination and electricity. All arcane spellcasters can access the school of Aether
Air: Air is the element of movement. This school contains effects that speed and control movement as well as directly controlling wind. With Fire is forms the minor school of Death, with Water it forms the minor school of Weather.
Fire: Fire is the element of warfare. Most Fire spells are combat spells. With Air it forms the minor school of Death, with Earth it forms the minor school of Summoning.
Earth: Earth is the element of stability. Earth spells are used to defend against attacks or to resist change, but some spells are highly destructive. With Fire it forms the minor school of Summoning, with Water the minor school of Transmutation.
Water: Water is the element of life. The majority of Water spells are healing, but it includes spells to directly effect the element. With Earth it forms the minor school of Summoning, with Air it forms the minor school of Weather Control.

The minor schools have unusual and specialised spells that have no direct elemental connection, but can only be used by a caster who can cast both major schools it draws on. The minor schools are:
Death (Air & Fire): The school of Death manipulates the divine spark of life and can control the movement of souls.
Summoning (Fire & Earth): Summoners can animate objects with the divine spark of life or grant creatures from other planes the stability to exist in this one.
Transmutation (Earth & Water): Transmutation allows a mage to work a living body like clay or shift an object into a new and solid form.
Weather Control (Water & Air): A weather witch can control freezing winds and manipulate humidity and rainfall.

Rules Changes

Known Schools: Any individual arcane caster is unable to wield all 5 major school, on acquiring the ability to cast spells the player must choose one element the character is unable to access. Which element may be chosen depends on the characters species.

Known Spells: When an arcane spellcaster gains his first Casting Level he immediately learns a number of spells of any level equal to his Wisdom score + his Spellcasting ranks. Which precise spells are known are rolled randomly (Unless the character has the Academy Trained feat), but the player chooses the level and school. Except for level 0 spells, which can be chosen directly and certain spells in the Aether school which may be chosen, as these spells are ubiquitous.
When a caster’s Wisdom or Spellcasting ranks permanently increase he earns an equal number of spells.
Knowing a spell does not automatically convey the ability to cast it- the limits of arcane spellcasting are set by class.

Spellcasting: Spellcasting skill checks suffer from the Armour Check Penalty of any armour the caster is wearing.
In addition the DCs for Spellcasting have changed, these are shown on the Spell List.

Spell Saving Throws: The saving throw DC against a spell is 10 + caster’s Charisma modifier + the highest level of spell the caster can use + [number of the caster’s Spellcasting feats]/2(rounded up).
Eg. a Mage with a + 2 Charisma modifier, who can cast 3rd level spells and has 3 spell casting feats would have a DC of 10+2+3+3/2 (rounded up), giving a total DC of 17.


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