Lacetil are the dominant breed of Saurian in the South. When people speak about Saurians they generally mean Lacetil.

Physical Traits

Lacetil are the most diverse Saurian group. An average male Lacetil stands about five feet tall and weights 100 lbs, females are normally larger standing 5’ 2’’ tall and weighing 115 lbs. They have large wide-set yellow eyes, long tails, scaled skin and a mouth full of sharp teeth.
Their skin can be of wide range of colours, browns, yellows, greens or blues are common. Venomous Lacetil are often bright colours, with elaborate patterns and stripes. Many have two-tone scaling, the larger scales on their back being a darker colour than the smaller scales on their underside.
Some males possess brightly coloured bony or membranous crests, which they can raise as a display.


Your ancient civilisation fell into decline with the rise of humans and elves, but your people have forgotten more about science and philosophy than the warm-blooded species have discovered. Your people have learned that adaptation is the best path to survival and so you’re quick to pick up new skills, technologies and ways to overcome the odds. Although your clutch-mates are your only “family”, you get along well with members of all species. Accepting longtime companions as extensions of your clutch is the highest honour you can bestow.
Unlike other cultures, your people were relatively unscathed by the Change, your people have weathered more than one cataclysm. In fact the rise of your ancient enemies The Forbidden Ones, long sealed away by your distant ancestors, has revitalised your people.

Common Personality Traits: Clever, independent, misunderstood, pragmatic, self-reliant
Common Physical Traits: Sleek body, hissing lisp, large protruding eyes, cool skin, clawed hands
Example Names: Ssathryn, Tlaxec, Naryss, Xysstos, Morthyss, Nylhesh, Klatek, Lathchal
Native Languages: First Tongue
Religion: The Lightbearer


As the dominant form of Saurian, Lacetil have a normal Saurian mindset.


Saurians of Athe are slightly different than base Fantasy Craft Saurians:
Type: Medium biped fey with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score.
Attributes: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Strength
Base Speed: 30 ft.

  • Agile Defence: Your base Defence increases by 1.
  • Cold-Blooded: You require only 1 meal per day but suffer 1 additional damage per die from cold and are sickened for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 any cold damage taken. If your suffer continuous cold damage (such as from the environment) you are sickened until you escape the source of the damage.
  • Darkvision I: You ignore the effects of dim and faint light.
  • Natural Attack: You gain the Bite I and Tail Slap I natural attacks.
  • Sterner Stuff: Your reptilian body is more resistant to trauma than a mammals, reduce the keen quality of attacks against you by 4.


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