Margot Soulcaller

Durgoth's personal lieutenant


Margot Soulcaller (Medium Fey Walker — 60 XP): TL: 1
Str: 16(+ 3); Dex: 10(+ 0); Con: 12(+ 1); Int: 10(+ 0); Wis: 10(+ 0); Cha: 12(+ 1);
Init: + 1 Melee: + 4 Fort: + 2
Health: 25/12 Ranged: + 1 Ref: + 1
Def: 12 Comp: + 1 Will: + 1
Size: Medium (1×1); Reach: 1; Speed: 30 ft. ground;
Skills: Intimidate (Wis) + 5
Spellcasting + 7 (SP: 2) Spells: Ignite Fire, Light, Slowfall, Firebolt;
Qualities: Equipment Adjustment (3XP), always ready, banned action (Calm, Influence), class ability (Rune Knight: blooding rune, Rune Knight: rune-carved 4 runes, Rune Knight: warcasting I, Soldier: rugged weapons), feat (Favoured Gear, Greatsword Basics, Greatsword Mastery, Spellcasting Basics), grueling combatant, light-sensitive.
Attacks: Runic Greatsword (1d12 + 4 (19-20); Massive; Reach + 1; Hard/3)
Gear: Moderate Elven Hardened Leather (DR 4; DP-1; Fire Resist 5; Soft/4) with light fittings (DR + 1, ACP-1) Grooming Kit

Margot’s Claymore is inscribed with runes of Lightning, Gouging, Leeching and Weeping. The runes look like 閃 殛 蛭 泣


Margot is a runeknight, according to Orcish tradition she makes little use of her minor magical spell, instead using her rune carved greatsword (閃殛蛭泣) to inflict massive magical damage. Like all runeknights she is very protective of her chosen weapon and refuses to let anyone else touch it.

She is very close-mouthed about her past, but she has scars from hanging around her throat, giving her a croaking voice. Unusually for an Orc warrior she put s a lot of car into her appearance and is always impeccably groomed.

Margot Soulcaller

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