Athe - session 1

Flaming orcs

Rizaleh’s log.

Day 1 – or whatever

I knew getting on that cheap boat would be a bad idea, just didn’t realise it would end up like this!
Soggy, cold and wet! How disgusting. And the boat all in pieces meaning I lost all of that wealth I had hidden. A bad day. Then I end up meeting these “adventurers” on the beach. They didn’t even want to walk into the forest with me to find out more about the island. How tedious.
Showed them tho, summoned an army of mosquitos to lure them into the forest! Didn’t quite work out the way I was expecting tho… I still itch.
I tricked one of the bigger ones into being my mount for the rest of the day. How cunning. He carried me all the way round the island until we found this abandoned ship. How lucky. Unfortunatly I had a lack of aid to sail the ship out, so we had to go and find some more people. How dull.
We came up to this cave and I cleverly disarmed some minor fear glypths. How splendid. We then had a scuffle with some ruffians, ammusingly the mount-orc is rather combustable. How amusing.
Anyway as always I won the day and we sailed off.

Home now.



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